Group 9, Project 2 - Haunted School

Group Members: Daisy Arellano, Funmilola Akintoye, and Charlotte Norman

Table of Contents

Project Description

Our project involves players walking through a haunted school in order to get to the FAFSA office. Besides the usual scary like dark rooms with spiders, rats, weird characters, and more, the players need to beg those in the FAFSA office for financial aid so they can continue to attend school. There are (augmented reality) characters that will try to make this journey difficult and terrifying for the player. They will have to travel through the haunted classrooms and best the villains to successfully reach the end. There are three main rooms and a handful of characters (main ones being Mr. Krabs, the robber, and the CS college dropouts) - items need to be found and used to get through the school. The player would act as a student that needs to reach the FAFSA office or else.

How to Run Project

Download the attached zipped folder and download the materials onto your PC. Click the scream.exe to run the program on a machine that has Unity.